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Vote Stella Tsai (Button #13) on Tues. May 16, 2017





We're in the home stretch!

Hon. Stella M. Tsai (with Rep. John Lewis, D-GA at the National Constitution Center above) was appointed by Governor Tom Wolf in 2016 to serve as a judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia, where she was assigned to the criminal trial division.  Born in Pennsylvania to immigrant  parents who--like many others--came to the United States to be free, Judge Tsai has never taken her  citizenship for granted and is deeply honored to serve as a member of the judiciary, a cornerstone of our  democracy.  The 2017 election represents an opportunity for Judge Tsai to represent our community and  continue her service for the public good.  

A diverse law practice spanning over 25 years and extensive community and civic engagement have well equipped Judge Tsai to fulfill her serious duties as a criminal judge charged with the fair administration of justice,  enforcement of the law, and, when required, the imposition of appropriate sentences. Her background in social services and government service has been indispensable in navigating the criminal justice system, balancing the  needs of victims, the community, and defendants in promoting public safety, achieving rehabilitation and re-entry,  and, it is hoped, reducing recidivism.  

We are pleased to report that the Philadelphia Bar Association Judicial Commission has recommended Judge Tsai as a candidate for election to the Court of Common Pleas and that she has received endorsements from key organizations, including those listed below:



The campaign has been fortunate to receive widespread support, not to mention the number one ballot position, which, pundits say improve the odds of a candidate's success.* But, your support -- and your VOTE -- are essential to ensure that Judge Tsai earns enough votes in the primary on May 16 to receive the Democratic nomination to run this November for election in her own right to a ten-year term.


Please push Button #13 on Primary Election Day, May 16, 2017 (ballot below)!



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 *See Brennan, Chris, "Philly Judicial Candidates", Philadelphia Inquirer, 19 March 2017

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Vote for Judge Tsai on May 16, 2017. Push Button No. 13.

May 10, 2017News ClipHon. Stella Tsai, Democrat for Judge

The primary is next Tuesday, May 16.  We are counting on you to help Judge Tsai win the Democratic nomination to the Court of the Common Pleas so she'll get elected to the bench this November -- we really need to make sure Judge Tsai can continue her service to the Philadelphia community in this role for which she is uniquely qualified. 

If you want to help with the campaign to Elect Stella Tsai Judge, please contact Rachel Doran at (215) 251-0585 or

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